JSail has been very successfull in Portugal, June 2016

JSail has been very successful in the recent World Championship held in Vilamoura, Portugal in June 2016. Seven out of TOP 10 sailors were sailing with JSails including all the medalists!!! Gold went to Max Wallenberg from Switzerland (SUI 1749), Silver to Mathias Berthet from Norway (NOR 3919) and Bronze to Muhammad Fauzi Kaman Shah from Malaysia (MAS 151).

Marco Gradoni from Italy (ITA 8705) came 4th and Juan Ignacio Queirel from Argentina (ARG 3553) came 5th which means that all TOP5 sailors were using JSails! In the TOP 10 we also had Roko Mohr (GER 1011) who came 7th and Thomas Hall (USA 115) who came 10th.

Congratulations to all the above sailors and their respective coaches!

The European Championship 2014

In hard and changeable weather conditions in Dun Laoghaire (Ireland), the European Championship 2014 brought another batch of medals for JSail users.
Girls: Iset Segura (Spain) came 2nd and Martina Mueller (Switzerland) came 3rd.
Boys: all 3 places of the podium went to JSail users - 1st: Enzo Balanger (France); 2nd: Kasper Nordenram (Sweden); 3rd: Lennart Kuss (Germany)
In the same time in the NorthAmericans held in Nayarit (Mexico) Jack Corbett (USA) came 3rd with a JSail.

Sukces JSail w Mistrzostwach Ameryki Południowej

Dante Cittadini kontynuuje pasmo zwycięstw na modelu Green po ubiegłorocznym wygranej na Mistrzostwach Ameryki Północnej, wygrał Mistrzostwa Ameryki Południowej.

Nasze żagle

Black Żagiel dla zawodników bardzo ciężkich, ważących powyżej 50 kg.

Red Dla zawodników w przedziale wagowym od 43 kg.


Blue - Dla zawodników w przedziale wagowym od 35 kg do 43, 44 kg.

Green - Dla zawodników do 35 kg.