The European Championship 2014

In hard and changeable weather conditions in Dun Laoghaire (Ireland), the European Championship 2014 brought another batch of medals for JSail users.
Girls: Iset Segura (Spain) came 2nd and Martina Mueller (Switzerland) came 3rd.
Boys: all 3 places of the podium went to JSail users - 1st: Enzo Balanger (France); 2nd: Kasper Nordenram (Sweden); 3rd: Lennart Kuss (Germany)
In the same time in the NorthAmericans held in Nayarit (Mexico) Jack Corbett (USA) came 3rd with a JSail.

The South American Championship

Dante Cittadini from Argentina has won the South American Championship held in Uruguay. Dante was sailing with JSail Green. The Team of Chile (Benjamin Fuenzalida, Santiago Ugarte, Dante Parodi and Felipe Fuentes) - all on JSails - have won the Team Races in this event.

Our sails

Black - The sail for the heaviest racers (50 kgs+)

Red - The sail for the racers at 43 kgs +

Heretic - The sail for the racers at 40 kgs+

Blue - The sail for the racers between 35 and 43-44 kgs

Green - The sail for the racers up to 35 kgs